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This website does not contain legal advice! Dale Felton presents the information on this website to provide information about the services he offers to his clients and to provide information about his experience and qualifications as a lawyer.  Any information contained in a link provided by this website is not to be construed as legal advice or a recommendation of any kind regarding any legal issue or problem discussed.

Nothing contained on this website shall be construed to extend an offer of legal representation in any respect or concerning any matter, either express or implied.  No attorney/client relationship is created by viewing this website or any page herein, or by sending an email or telephoning Dale Felton to ask a question or to request legal services.  Submission of any information by you to Dale Felton or a member of his staff does not mean that Mr. Felton will be representing you.  You may assume that Mr. Felton will not take any action in your behalf concerning any legal matter unless you enter into a written contract hiring and authorizing him to do so.

Do not send any confidential information to Mr. Felton or his staff by email without first communicating directly with him by telephone or U.S. mail.  Otherwise, you may jeopardize the confidentiality of your information, as the attorney/client relationship cannot protect your communication until both parties (you and the lawyer you wish to communicate with), have agreed that the lawyer will represent you.

Mr. Felton will make every effort to respond to email questions as promptly as possible.  However, due to court appearances and other pressing matters, he cannot guarantee that he will be able to respond in a timely manner.  If you have an urgent, time-sensitive matter, please feel free to contact Mr. Felton at 936.825.6466.