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Professional Articles Published:Books and Papers

    "The Trial of A Contaminated Bottle Case in Texas"
    Trial Lawyers Forum, January-March 1978

    "Motions to Produce the Defective Product in a Products
     Liability Case,"
    Texas Bar Journal, May 1981

    "Auto Accident Analysis," Trial Magazine, February 1991

    "Taxicab Liability - Breaking the Independent Contractor Shield," The Houston Lawyer, May-June 1991

    "Proving Negligence in Rearend Collision Cases," Trial Magazine, April 1995

Seminar Speaker:

    Mr. Felton has been invited to speak at legal seminars all over Texas and across the nation.  He has spoken at over 100 seminars and has appeared on the speakers’ list with such noteworthy personalities as Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Gerry Spence, Joe Jamail, Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, and John Hill.

The following is a sample listing of Mr. Felton’s seminar presentations and professional papers presented:

    "Accident Analysis - The Key to Liability"
          Texas Trial Lawyers Association
          Summer Conference - South Padre Island, Texas

    "Visualization to the Jury through Accident Analysis"
          Association of Trial Lawyers of America
          Annual Convention - San Diego, California

    "Winning Through Accident Analysis"
          Kansas Trial Lawyers Association
          Annual Personal Injury Seminar - Kansas City, Missouri

     “Giving Expert Testimony - What the Accident Reconstruction Expert
      Needs to Know About the Law"

          Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists
          Fall Seminar - Houston, Texas

     "Auto Accident Investigation and Analysis"
          South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas
          Automobile Injury Litigation Seminar

     "The Testimony of Police Officers and Accident Reconstruction Experts
       in Auto Accident Cases"

        South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas
        Advanced Personal Injury Seminar

    "Trucks and Taxis:  Tricks and Traps"
          South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas
          Automobile Injury Litigation Seminar

    "The Zone of Danger and Time/Distance Analysis -
     Accident Reconstruction Approaches to Proving Negligence"

          South Texas College of Law
          Automobile Injury Litigation Seminars in Houston, Dallas, and El Paso

     "Dealing With Liability in Car Wreck Cases"
          Texas Trial Lawyers Association
          Advanced Personal Injury Seminars in Houston, Dallas, and South Padre Island